I haven’t learned much about their rental marketplace, other than it is free for landlords to list. Why send paper checks for rent? Not a well-run promotion. Forward Cabin reports that there’s now a service by Radpad with which you can pay your rent via debit or credit card. (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Apple Pay.) RadPad is an online service that allows users to pay their rent with their credit cards. When you pay your rent with a credit card, their's a fee (normally 3.49%), but with this promotion you won't be charged any extra! Introduction. With a new promotion by RadPad and Android Pay, you can pay your rent with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and earn points/miles/cash rewards through the end of 2016. Debit/Credit Rent Payments. We’re very excited about this feature because it gives renters more convenience and options for paying their rent on time, every month. RadPad is an end-to-end mobile rental marketplace. You simply link your credit card to your account, set up the payment information, and then RadPad sends your landlord a check via mail (for a fee) and doesn’t require your landlord to … One thing to keep in mind is that RadPad mails a check by USPS from California. RadPad is a rental marketplace for people to list, lease, and pay their rent for apartments nationwide. It now gives an option to the 90 mn U.S. renters to pay their monthly rents conveniently with iPhones and credit cards. A few days ago we released a new feature called Pay with RadPad that enables renters to pay their rent using a credit or debit card. First, some renting facts: Over 90% … Manufactured Spending - RadPad - Pay Your Rent With Debit/Credit Card - Thought some of you guys might find this new site helpful. The company recently released ‘Pay with RadPad’ feature to enable renters to pay rents even if the landlord is not using RadPad. Make a one-time payment or schedule your rent with Pay My Rent. Pay with RadPad has continued to grow significantly, which is awesome, but more and more renters are choosing to use an American Express Debit Card to pay their rent. Pay rent on your smartphone. Debit card – … Debit card payment of $5000 and up will incur a $9.95 fee. There’s a Twist! Consumers pay a standard fee of 2.99% on credit cards and either $4.95 or $9.95 on debit cards depending on whether your rent is below or above $5,000. I believe credit card payment fee is 2.99%. That said, you can still use Apple Pay and Android Pay to make rent payments through RadPad’s app. You should allow at least 5 business days. And you can also pay other bills, like utilities, mortgages, and student loans, which you can’t pay through RadPad. Update: This offer was ended early, basically saying they had to break their word because they were faced with huge losses. And in the past, RadPad payments were coding as travel purchases when you used Apple Pay or Android Pay. RadPad is primarily a residential rental finder website/app that also offers the ability to pay rent with a credit or debit card. For Android Users, RadPad is having a current promotion where if you pay your rent online through RadPad, Android Pay and your Credit Card of Choice, you will have no fees until the end of 2016. Radpad is a company that focuses on all aspects of renting property, and they now have a service which takes care of sending your landlord the check. Tap tap done. RadPad helps you find an apartment. RadPad is a startup trying to be both a better apartment search engine and a better rent payment service. Pay your landlord with our app with your debit or credit card. Fees standard of 2.99% and $4.95 for a debit card ($9.95 if your rent is above $5k). PAY WITH RADPAD You live in the 21st century. Essentially RadPad is the convenient home/apartment rental finder business who has the services capable of making rent payment with credit or debit cards for a fee. They have fees: Credit card – 2.99%. It's called RadPad and let's you pay your rent using a debit / credit card. I can select an amount to pay and the date I want payment made. There is no fee for debit card payment up to $4999. We just can't afford to take losses on American Express cards anymore given that it can cost us more than $40 per renter per month. Of course, this translates to: Find apartment on your smartphone. You pay via debit or credit card.